Before I was ever a portrait photographer, I worked at my baby sister's day care. I have as much experience with children as I do a camera. I know their honest moments. You will rarely hear me say, "Say Cheese!" Making the photo session laid back, fun, and relaxed lets children be children. This is when the magic happens.


We live in a busy day and age. When you get the whole family together it calls for a special occasion. I am available for all your portrait needs. During the holidays especially! Give Nate a call at SNAPmobile Portraits and schedule  your legacy shot today.

Senior Portraits  

Senior portraits are my favorite, lets get real, these can be the most out-of-the-box, fun, exciting portraits out there. I team up with the senior, get to know them, and capture their "awesome-ness." Got a location in mind? Not a problem.

This goes for any commercial needs to. With so many resources for models and stylists, Nate Anglin can design an ad worthy of viewers. Lets collaborate to attract your next customer.